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  AAALAC International's list of international resources

  ICLAS (International Council for Laboratory Animal Sciences)

  ILAR (Institute for Laboratory Animal Research)

  OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health)

  WVA (World Veterinary Association)


The member colleges of IACLAM each have a document that defines the minimal knowledge expected of newly boarded laboratory animal veterinarians. These documents can be viewed at:

  ACLAM e-formulary OnLine Formulary Available in Excel Format

  ACLAM: ACLAM's role delineation document can be downloaded from Application and Study Tools

  ECLAM: ECLAM's learning modules can be viewed at Learning Modules

  ICLAM: ICLAM's Role Delineation Document (RDD) can be viewed at ICLAM RDD

  JCLAM: JCLAM's role delineation document can be found at JCLAM Role of Delineation Document of JCLAM

  KCLAM: KCLAM's role delineation document can be viewed at Korean College of Laboratory Animal Medicine